Upcoming College Planning Seminars

You are invited to attend one of our complementary college planning seminars offered by Campus Pathway. The instructor is Jeffrey Morrison, a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), and the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG).

Seminars for 2017

This seminar is targeted at families with kids already in high school, though younger familes can benefit too on the financial planning topics. Families with "rising seniors" - students who just completed the junior year (11th grade) - the time is running short now. The summer will come and go quickly, and it is unwise to enter the senior year with college selection, scholarship pursuit, essays and applications remaining to be completed. The senior year school work will dominate. This seminar will especially help you.

Families with freshmen, sophomores, and juniors should attend one of the seminars, too. You will get key information to help you with the college preparation challenges. And you will be much better prepared for the financial and admissions challenges when the time comes. You should feel less anxiety and more confident in the future for your family.

How to Choose the Best College for Your Student and Your Pocketbook

The objective of this 60-minute seminar (prior to questions) is to share as much information as possible to help families find, select and afford colleges that best match their kids and the family's financial constraints. We will cover the following topics:

  • What is happening with admissions at selective colleges and the UCs and CSUs
  • The tools and process students should use to select and build their college list
  • Where your student should be in the admissions process during the coming months
  • Why a life vision with career ideas and a specific major is so important for applicants
  • How it is possible to attend a private college at a public college price
  • How to evaluate a college to determine if it matches family goals
  • How the very selective colleges evaluate applicants and offer admission
  • Application strategies and how to write powerful essays
  • Exactly how the financial aid system work for all incomes
  • Identifying colleges that offer students scholarship, and the amount
  • How to calculate the family's affordability threshold
  • The importance of financial balance in preparation for college and beyond
  • How to plan now to live a good life for the rest of your life financially

Download a flier PDF by clicking here. Send it to somone who needs to attend this also.

Register for any of these upcoming complementary, no-obligation seminars. The days, time, and locations for the seminars are listed below.

Please make your reservation for you, your family and any friends that you think would benefit from this information. You may do this online to reserve your seat.

Visit:        http://campuspathway.eventbrite.com

to sign up for the upcoming seminars

or call:     408-973-7228 (ask for Laurie)

to obtain additional information prior to signing up.

Date Time Location Status
Saturday, June 17 1:30 pm Quinlan Community Center Completed - Photo 1,2
Saturday, July 1 1:30 pm Saratoga Library  Completed
Saturday, July 22 10:30 am Quinlan Community Center Completed
Saturday, July 22 1:30 pm Almaden Community Center Completed
Saturday, August 12 1:30 pm Almaden Community Center Completed
Sunday, August 27 1:30 pm Saratoga Library Completed
Saturday, September 16 1:30 pm Quinlan Community Center Completed
Sunday, October 22 1:30 pm Quinlan Community Center Completed
Sunday, November 19 1:30 pm Cupertino Community Hall Completed
Sunday, December 10 1:30 pm Quinlan Community Center Completed
Sunday, January 21 1:30 pm Quinlan Community Center Completed
Sunday, February 11 1:30 pm Saratoga Library  

But don't delay too long... Time is a huge advantage to some, but is the
enemy of most families that start planning too late.


19925 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Suite 100
Cupertino, CA 95014


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Seminar Venue Addresses

Quinlan Community Center

10185 N. Stelling Road

Cupertino Community Hall

10350 Torre Avenue

Saratoga Public Library

13650 Saratoga Avenue


Almaden Community Center

6445 Camden Avenue

San Jose

Pacific Business Center

19925 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Suite 100

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