Does the Pathway to a Terrific College Seem Obscure to You?

You are not alone. With the variety of sizes and types, the bewildering opinions of "quality", and the wildly ranging prices of colleges today, the process is daunting to most families.

Campus Pathway is a professional services firm focused on helping families find, select and afford colleges that best match their kids. But that's not all. The company's principal, Jeffrey Morrison, is a licensed financial advisor, held to a fiduciary standard by the firms with whom he is licensed. Morrison guides the family's financial strategies during both the wealth accumulation phase and the wealth distribution phase, when paychecks have stopped.

The long-term planning process takes families down 2 distinct tracks in preparing for the looming college years and beyond:

  • Showing the student how to identify the very best colleges that fit their personality, values, academic profile, social characteristics and career aspirations
  • Showing the parents strategies aiming to help minimize the cost of college expenses while engineering a cash flow analysis to increase savings in preparation for the years ahead when paychecks stop

If you would like to provide your family with the advantage of experienced, personalized guidance through the convoluted process of getting into the best colleges possible, we invite you to visit the site to learn more. Sign up for a complementary appointment with your entire family.

Call 408-973-7228 or email Laurie (lbarton at campuspathway dot com) to schedule an appointment for your family so that we can get acquainted and see if we want to take this journey together.

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